Malaysia The Second Cheapest Country To Fly.

Malaysia ranked the 2nd out of 75 countries giving the “cheapest flights” according to’s Aviation Price Index. Click here to see the table. have made it their own mission to offer passengers the best prices available in order to reach their destination. As such, has developed the Aviation Price Index, showing the countries which offer the most and least affordable flights.

Malaysia secured its 2nd title offering value flights with an average of $3.78(Rm15.66) per 100 kilometers of travel.

Malaysia has three carriers, the legacy carrier Malaysia Airline(included Firefly and Maswing), the Full-service carrier Malaysia Batik Air(previously known as Malindo Air) and Low-cost carrier Malaysia AirAsia(included AirasiaX). According to’s survey, its average domestic flights fare is $2.32 for Low-cost airline while Full-service is $5.81. For international flights, the Low-cost average fare is $2.11 and Full-service is $4.88.

According to the survey, the least expensive country to fly is India with a average fare of $3.25. About $0.53 cheaper than Malaysia. And the most expensive country is UAE with average fare of $105.71.

To be honest,we should really appreaciate Malaysia Airasia for providing us the cheap fare to fly. Without Airasia, there is nothing like “Now Everyone can Fly.”

So, what’s your excuse of not travelling? Dont hestitate, life is short, live for life and not work for life. Click here to book your ticket now. Malaysia Airlines : Airasia : Malindo

Some of our Asean neighbours also secured its places among the top 10 countries.

  • Indonesia ranked 7 with average fare of $6.84.
  • Thailand ranked 8 with average fare of $10.44.
  • Philippine ranked 9 with average fare of $7.76.


Click here to get more Aviation news happening in Malaysia.



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